Clean drinking water is the basis for a  sound development of children and their families in our project villages. We installed water supplies at schools and kindergartens wherever possible. The new water taps are always accepted readily and often become a centre of communication.

We have never provided water supplies without sufficient support by the  villagers. They mostly dug up trenches, transported material or helped  with other activities. This is a proven model since the water supply  will only be appreciated and maintained properly when a personal contribution has been made to  complete it.

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Our biggest drinking water project was set up in 2013 in Balchaur in the Terai region. Water in this area contains a very high level of arsenic. This is extremely unhealthy for children and their families. The taps provide clean drinking water now and all families of this remote and disadvantaged village have access to this.



Wasser für Balchaur | Little Stars e.V.


“Wasser für die Welt”, a foundation by Margit and Heribert Wirth, supported this project with an amount of Euro 22,000. Little Stars would like to cordially thank “Wasser für die Welt” for this generous contribution.



Our second water project was implemented in 2017 in Simari (Bauniyan). Many children suffered from chronic typhoid fever and skin deseases.  The reason for this was: the water from the hand operated  pumps at the school site which was highly contaminated by arsenic and salmonella.

Furthermore a petrol station for agricultural vehicles was located next to the school. Petrol and oil seeped into the soil. This pollution of the groundwater seriously added to the problem. A new deep well provides clean drinking water to nearly 1,000 school kids at three schools plus to another 300 villagers in the vicinity of the schools. The villagers dug the trenches to the school and installed the water taps.


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Water was pumped up for the first time in December 2016. The new system went operational in March / April 2017.

Supervision of this project was handed over to the village community in September 2019. A water committee established for this purpose will be responsible for the water supply system in future.