Eye Camps

More than two thousand children, adolescents and adults in our project villages have been examined by specialists from an eye clinic on behalf of Little Stars. If the visual acuity needs to be corrected, glasses are made for the children free of charge. They can choose between different models and the new glasses are ready after one week.

In addition, we have offered free outpatient surgery to adults diagnosed with cataracts in individual cases. The joy and gratitude after successful surgery can hardly be described.



Dental Camps

Little Stars regularly organises screenings for the children and adolescents at our project locations in cooperation with dental clinics. Several thousand children have now visited our camps and received the necessary dental treatment. They have been instructed on oral health by the dentists carrying out the check-ups as well as by our health staff

Children, teachers and parents are very excited to have this opportunity for the first time in their region..