This is what a typical Little Stars kindergarten looks like. The children start in the morning learning the alphabet or numbers in Nepali and English. At lunchtime a tasty meal is served containing added nutrients and vitamins. Many children eat with  their fingers as they do at home but some use a spoon.

Wherever possible  we always try to have a working water supply at every kindergarten so that the children can wash their hands thouroughly and brush their teeth after lunch.

We operate several kindergartens in our project villages Okharpauwa and Balchaur. This provides first educational steps to pre-school kids and makes it possible for the older children in a family to go to school instead of staying at home to look after their younger brothers and sisters. This is especially important for children from needy families who would otherwise have no access to school or kindergarten.

Recently the canal construction in Balchaur has divided the village in two halves. Because of this we have moved the kindergarten to the local school. This is better accessible for the children and they can get there safely.