Behandlung in der Gesundheitsstation | Little Stars e.V.


Little Stars operates Health Posts in the Project Villages Okharpauwa (ca. 20 km away from the capital of Kathmandu), in the mountain village Amthang (ca. 80 km away from Kathmandu) and in Balchaur in the western lowland, ca. 600 km away from Kathmandu). All our Health Post staff have a state-approved certificate in healthcare.


The first rule is free medical care for children. This motivates mothers to bring their children along for treatment. We offer basic medical care and explain to the people that healthy children are a fundamental asset. Once the children are under medical treatment it is a lot easier to send the parents to a far away hospital if this is necessary for the treatment of serious diseases. Treatment at the hospital is also free of charge but the families must provide food and drink.


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