Two years ago, we launched the sanitary pads project, which has been a resounding success. Comprehensible and practicable hygiene education about the female cycle and the associated necessary hygiene measures helps to break down taboos.

This is also communicated to school-age boys. Teachers receive appropriate material together with the hygiene kits.

With the menstrual hygiene project, we sustainably promote that girls and women are not marginalised and regain their dignity.


Girls and boys alike are taught that there is nothing dirty about menstruation and that any form of marginalisation is therefore out of the question.

The tailors trained in our courses have so far produced 1000 sets of 8 sanitary pads each, which are distributed to schools and in our project villages. The sets also contain information material in easy-to-understand language with pictures on how to use and clean the sanitary towels.

Following feedback from users about their practical experience, we have made improvements to the material and contents of the sets. The first bag containing the sanitary pads, information material and soap is distributed free of charge. If necessary, additional bags can be purchased for a small fee so that all girls and women can afford to buy them. The contribution towards the cost is used to promote the respectful use of sanitary towels.

We are not only making an important contribution to health education, but also to improving the situation of previously marginalised girls and women.


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