Village Development Project Amthang

The village of Amthang lies high up  above the valley in the Himalayan  fringe area. After a drive of about 3.5 hours from Kathmandu it takes  another two hours on foot up a steep path to reach the village.

The territory is extremely terraced and access is difficult. The  population of Amthang consists of more than 2,000 farmers who are mainly Buddhists. Families own small plots of land that are rough and barren so that the village is very backward in its development.

The children have to help every day with the hard manual work in the  fields and regular school attendance is often out of the question. For many children school education end after the fifth grade. Secondary schools in the valley are two to three hours away from home on foot one way and therefore impossible to reach for most children.



Main Activity Areas

      • The Youth Club of the village plays an active role in the improvement of living conditions of the children who live here. Little Stars provides specialist knowledge and financial support for this purpose.
      • School uniforms, school fees, teaching materials and warm winther clothes are provided via our sponsorship programme to permanently improve the educational standard of the children in Amthang.
      • Construction and operation of a Health Post and information events by Little Stars have improved living conditions considerably.
      • Job Training offers school leavers occupational education to improve their chances to find employment.