Village Development Project Balchaur

Balchaur is located in the Terai region in the south western parts of Nepal. The village community consists of about 2,000 people belonging to the ethnic groups of Tharu or Badi. Most of them used to live in clay plastered huts. Many of those are completely soaked in the rainy season and every year after the monsoon the huts had to be completely repaired or rebuilt.

Recently, the Nepalese government recognised the need and gave many families – without land of their own – a small plot of land and also provided a brick house. People here live on the edge of the subsistence level. Most of the villagers work as day labourers in nearby India and rarely come home to their families.

Things like education, health  care and family planning are largely unknown in Balchaur. There is a small primary school, which used to be staffed by corrupt headmasters and teachers. In recent years, this has improved considerably and Little Stars can get involved here for the benefit of the children and families together with the village community. The construction and operation of a health station and a deep well that produces arsenic-free drinking water from a depth of 100 m have been very big steps forward for the people here.

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Main Activity Areas

    • School uniforms, teaching materials and warm winter clothes are provided via our sponsorship programme to permanently improve the living standard of the children in Balchaur.
    • Construction and operation of a Health Post and information events organised by Little Stars have improved living conditions.
    • A deep well for clean drinking water.
    • Running a Kindergarten to provide education to pre-school kids.
    • Job Training offers school leavers occupational education to improve their chances to find employment.