About us

Little Stars Kinder brauchen Zukunft e.V.

Founded in 1998 with nearly 80 members today.

Not only the original members have a great love for Nepal and want to help especially the disadvantaged children of the country – quickly, directly and without bureaucracy.

To implement aid projects for children in Nepal

Aid Projects for Children in Nepal
At the start of our work we supported projects run by NCO (Nepal Children’s Organization). One of the first projects was to furnish a room for infants at the state orphanage Bal Mandir in Kathmandu and the renovation of a home for the disabled in Panchkal.

In the year 2000 we started looking for projects that Little Stars could organise and implement on its own at the request of our members. We put great importance on being able to help directly and quickly and on effective measurement of results.

After a long search we started building a school in Dhading approximately 3.5 hours drive away from Kathmandu.The families living here belong to the lowest Kumal caste and the caste of the untouchables. The village has more than four hundred inhabitants.

The school building is at the same time the village community centre. The Little Stars primary school started at the beginning of 2003 and gave 70 children the chance to go to school. Without the commitment of our donors and sponsors these children could never enjoy school education. An adult education programme and the operation of a health post were realised at a later stage. This project was closed in April 2013.

In 2006 we started supporting another village community in Okharpauwa. This is about an hour’s drive away from Nepal’s capital Kathmandu. We operate a primary school for about 160 children in grades one to five. In addition there is a kindergarten and so called out of school programmes. At the same time our social workers organise information events on subjects like hygiene, health care, giving birth to a baby, family planning etc. This is done in individual families as well as at central meetings and we successfully counteracted child marriage which was still practised in Okharpauwa.

After extensive testing we started projects in the villages of Balchaur (Terai) and Amthang (Trisuli region) in 2013. In Balchaur we concentrate initially on health subjects. Drinking water is heavily polluted by arsenic but clean water can be pumped up from a depth of about 100 metres by deep drilling. We implemented this deep drilling project with the financial support of the German Embassy. We also built a health post to be able to offer medical assistance to the villagers.

There are similar requirements for health care in Amthang. This village is located up on a mountain far away from medical centres and doctors or secondary schools. We also built a health post here to provide medical care for the villagers.

In 2015 we started supporting Kimtang, a mountain village near Langtang National Park, with the reconstruction of a monastry which was destroyed during the 2015 earthquake. In addition we offer English lessons by one of our staff and lessons in Sambhota by a buddhist priest. Sambhota is the language used for prayer scripts.

In 2016 we started another water project in Simari near our project village of Balchaur in the western region of Nepal. After going operational in spring 2017 with the financial support of “Wasser fuer die Welt”, this provides clean drinking water to three schools. In 2018 we started building a women shelter in Simari for single mothers and their children.

Also as from 2016 we offer various courses on different subjects for vocational training in our project villages. This teaches young people the necessary skills to earn their living. As from 2018 our programme also includes PC training.